Fuel your mind: Caffeine at the office

Fuel your mind: Caffeine at the office

We work in a world of technology, with that in mind, sitting at a computer for 8-12 hours a day can be exhausting. We have to stay on our toes, work with confidential information, numbers, programing and more. As a computer programmer I have to be available at all hours of the day. Often times the computer guru will be working the late shift, fixing computers, downloading new software, repairing servers, and fixing emails. There is no rest for the weary. So what can you do to ensure productivity when you’re on the job?

Scientists have asked this same question and have conducted several different experiments. But one thing always comes to the surface. Caffeine can play a large role in the office. When you need to be alert, productive, and not get headaches from staring at the computer screen a single dose of caffeine (supplement of 200mg) can make the difference. Now if you are in the habit of stopping at your local Starbucks on the way to work, or if work from home, as most computer programmers do these days, adding the right amount of caffeine at the RIGHT TIME can make or break your day.

Now it’s important to know that, obviously, drinking coffee isn’t going to make you a super computer specialist or make you the speed demon of computer programming. It really is about the dedication and level of expertise. What the caffeine will offer, really is a level of energy and physical “Oomph” which also contributes from the mental sensation or feeling that ‘caffeine… Now I can concentrate.’ Yes, there are ingredients in caffeine that do offer us that slight boost we need, but it does not make or break our level of professionalism or performance.  One test showed scientists that after one week of observing computer programmers on coffee and one set of computer programmers who drank coffee, and the survey showed that there as a 19% increase in productivity among the coffee drinkers.

You can drink caffeine at a certain point of the day, and get the full effect that it has to offer. Stop and think about what you do as a graphic designer or Internet marketing guru, when you wake up, and say you work from home. You go turn the computer on, walk to the kitchen and reach for your K-cup, tea or soda, right? As your body adjusts to being awake, your mind starts clearing, and you sit down to see what your day/night looks like. The caffeine will help you wake up, think a little more clearly and just overall offer your body the fuel you need to get started. But did you know, that eating breakfast is a large contributor to your productivity as well? Drinking a cup of coffee or tea, and eating breakfast first thing in the morning is important.

Now, the question that still remains is can caffeine offer higher productivity levels in the workplace. Yes, overall you can accomplish more work, be more alert, and do it correctly. This all boils down to being prepared for the day. Waking up early, going to the gym and getting your heart pumping and offer the same results (obviously). Caffeine is the ‘fake’ cardio workout that you’re depriving yourself of. Now for those of you who are computer programmers, graphic designers,  and just, overall work on the computer, you sit for most of the day. Getting up and walking around, can help get the blood pumping as well, but as far as your alertness, and overall… level of productivity, caffeine can help if you are someone that needs that post.

Now what about those who have been advised to cut caffeine from your diet? There are other options to help stay focused and motivated without putting your health at risk. As we mentioned earlier, getting up, walking around when you have time, stopping and stretching in between projects, listening to upbeat music in the background and other things that will spark your senses.  It is important to be productive at work, but caffeine is not going to be a prime option for everyone. This is something that you may want to run past your doctor if you have heart flutters, nervousness or nausea after consuming caffeine.